„No Escape“ – Livemitschnitt

No Escape
There is, indeed, a higher call
A call so loud and clear
That I kept noise and sounds around 
To make it disappear.
It wouldn’t disappear by that
So people I would add;
And roaming thoughts my mind I fed 
To occupy my head.
Drugs of all kind I’d seek and find
To numb the yearn inside
The aspiration-bird to kill
And never see the light.
Myself an expert I’d become
In poisoning my heart;
Emotions I’d invite to spoil
Each new and pure start.
Oh how I struggled, how I fought
To keep away Your Light.
And running from You all my life
Somehow somewhere to hide.
Now that my life comes to an end
And silent I become,
I cannot help but realize:
You are all that I am.

[aus „Strive and Thrive – Secrets of a Life Divine“. Marlene Helm]

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